Cleanroom Chairs

Cleanroom chairs & adjustable stools in a wide range of fabrics and colors. With durability and safety in mind, these chairs are designed from top to bottom to last through the toughest conditions.

Ergonomic Upholstered Chairs

These industrial-grade chairs feature a rugged frame and durable upholstery along with an ergonomic design that increases worker comfort and productivity.

Ergonomic Static-Control Chairs

Select the conductive or static-dissipative fabric that meets your static-control requirements.

Class 100 Static-Control Chairs

These chairs combine superb cleanliness with static-control features, designed to minimize the possibility of particle generation during everyday use.

Class 100 Cleanroom Chairs

Ergonomic seat guarantees worker comfort. Built to last, the vinyl upholstery with an internal bumper guard is designed for many years of cleanroom use.

Class 10 Chairs

When cleanroom operations demand extremely low level of particulates, this Class 10 Ergonomic Chair can make the grade.

Ergonomic Class

10 Cleanroom Chair Class 10 chairs take advantage of significant advancements in materials technology to combine Class 10-compatible cleanliness with ergonomic seat and back designs.

Class 1 Ergonomic Chair

Clean room built, cleaned and packaged — ready to pass directly into your own cleanroom

Adjustable Static-Control Stool

Upholstered seating available in several conductive and nonconductive materials and steel models ensure optimal cleanliness and chemical resistance.


The Biofit ArmorSeat is an innovative, patent pending design with features like cleanroom compatibility and optional static control.

Sit/Stand Chairs

Ergonomic sit/stands chairs for work while standing promotes a balanced posture by supporting the torso and hips.

Urethane Chairs

Seats and backrests of molded, self-skinned urethane make these durable chairs great for harsh industrial settings and laboratories.

Ergonomic Polyshell Chairs

Ergonomic shell is molded of super high-density polypropylene specifically engineered to deliver durability and cost-effectiveness.