Cleanroom Carts

We know clean. Whether it be Class 1 or Class 100, we have the cart you need to ensure purity and keep out particle contamination. Maximum functionality is important for limited clean room space so our carts are designed to fit to your workflow processes. Ask for details about our nitrogen-storing capabilities to ensure unprecedented cleanliness for your most sensitive applications. Your cleanrooms are safe with Terra.

Utility Cart.jpg

Utility Carts

Cleanroom Carts with solid shelves, also available in perforated shelve. The shelves have raised edges to prevent liquid spillage or items falling. Varying sizes are available. Supplied with 4 cleanroom swivel casters (2 with brakes).

Fabrication Material: 304L StainlessSteel with Electropolished finish, including totally stainless steel shelf connectors = 100% stainless steel cart.

Particle Counter Transport Cart.jpg

Particle Counter Transport Cart

This unique cart is specially designed for transporting particle sensing machines around teh cleanroom. Anti-vibration system protects the valuable particle counter from damage. The cart is available with or without the telescopic arm which allows for sensor placement in most areas.

Fabrication Materials: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish. Parts of the telecopic arm are anodized aluminum.

Foup-Fosb Transport Cart.jpg

FOUP / FOSB transport Cart

The ergonomic 300mm FOUP/FOSB transport cart includes tilted nests and anti-vibration system in the casters to protect wafers during transport around the fab. Available in 1, 2, or 4 nest configurations. Flat packed shipping design greatly reduces shipping and storage costs.

Fabrication Material: 304L StainlessSteel with Electropolished finish.

Wafer Transport Cart.jpg

Wafer Transport Cart

This wafer transport cart is designed for transport of 8" wafer SMIF pods or boxes. A specially designed tilted nest holds the product firmly and prevents the wafers from vibrating. an extra feature is the patented shock absoabsorbers integrated into each wheel reducing dramatically vibrations on the transported wafers. This cart is in operation in many semiconductor fabs worldwide.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with an Electropolished finish.

Chemical Transport Cart.jpg

Chemical Transport Cart

The Chemical Transport Cart is fabricated from stainless steel 316L. Together with the Electopolished finish this cart has excellent corrosion protection. The deep shelves/ trays have a removable lid with cut out holes the size of commonly used chemical containers. (these can easily be customized upon request). Another feature of this cart is that it is fitted with and anti-vibration spring system incorporated between the wheels and frame-protecting the containers asthey travel over cleanroom/perforated floors. The cart can be ordered with or without the anti-vibration system.

Mobile Laptop Workstation.jpg

Mobile Laptop Workstation

This mobile laptop workstation can be shipped flat-packed and assembled by customer in 10 minutes. Weighted base ensures stability and is equipped with cleanroom casters with brakes. The workstation has slots on the surface allowing the laptop to be secured to the workstation if required.

Fabrication Material: 304L Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Tool Cart.jpg

Tool Cart

Stailnless steel high quality cleanroom tool cart with modern clean design.

One lock, locks all drawers. Drawers are fully extendable with stainless steel sliders. Raised edge on top surface prevents parts from accidentally falling. Supplied with cleanroom casters (2 with brakes).

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolish finish.

Computer Cart

Computer Cart

Meeting the strictest particle standards, Cleanroom Computer Cart lets you reposition your computer anywhere in your cleanroom, cleanly and easily.

Desicart Desiccator Carts

Desicart Desiccator Carts

Now offering carts with low-humidity, contamination-free environment for sensitive materials during process transfer.

Reticle Storage Cabinets

Reticle Storage Cabinets

Protecting sensitive reticles and photomasks against contaminants for all standard cassette sizes.

PureFlow Laminar Flow Cart

PureFlow Laminar Flow Cart

Maintain your Class 1 particle- free storage environment during sensitive transfer processes.

Wafer Fab Tool Stockers

Wafer Fab Tool Stockers

Unparalleled storage for wafer processing supplies such as wafer cassettes, quartzware, injectors, thermocouple rods, and probe cards.

Wafer Fab Carts

Wafer Fab Carts

Complete manufacturing capabilities to work in your wafer fab with our comprehensive range of specialized carts.

IPA Cart

IPA Cart

This cart's perforated platform suspends wipers above an IPA (isopropyl alcohol) reservoir for effective wetting.