Under Running Cranes

Demanding applications requiring the undivided attention of an experienced engineering and design group is our strength. Below are examples of different overhead traveling bridge crane configurations. To determine which type is right for your application, contact one of our experienced staff members.

Under Running Double Girder Crane

This 10 ton capacity bridge features a top running dual girder ultra-low profile trolley hoist. Riding under one of the bridge girders is a 2 ton capacity "javelin". The javelin hoist is used to project product under the runway beam and into the adjacent bay. Controls include collision avoidance systems to limit bridge travel when the javelin is extended between building columns.

Twin Hook "Reel" Crane

This type of crane is custom designed and manufactured by Zinter Handling Inc. for the paper industry. Handling reels of paper in a producing mill can be a very demanding application, set in unfriendly and some times harsh surroundings. The hoists are reeved directly into the lifting device to conserve valuable headroom.

Under Running Double Girder Crane with Under Running Double Girder Trolley