Top Running Cranes

Demanding applications requiring the undivided attention of an experienced engineering and design group is our strength. Below are examples of different overhead traveling bridge crane configurations. To determine which type is right for your application, contact one of our experienced staff members.

Powered Rotation Hydraulic Lift Stacker Crane

7 ton capacity top running double box girder hydraulic lift stacker crane with 48" load centers as measured from the face of the 8 foot long forks.

Mill Duty Machine Room Crane

300/165 Ton Top Running Double Girder Crane

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Top Running Double Girder Crane

Shown here is a CMAA Class "D" 40 ton capacity, 71'-4" span box girder bridge. The two outside hoists have a 20 ton capacity and the hoist in the center has a capacity of 40 ton. Trolleys are synchronized using Variable Frequency Drives. Hoists are synchronized using Closed Loop Flux Vector drives. Primary means of control is Radio, with backup traveling push button station.

Single Girder Cranes

Shorter spans may allow for the use of a single girder bridge crane. A monorail type hoist is used in conjunction with this bridge configuration. Single girder bridge cranes (as well as under running bridges) are usually limited to CMAA Class "C" service.