Clean Room Desiccators

Bench Top N2 Desiccator.jpg

Bench-Top N2 Desiccator - with built in RH% sensor

The Palbam Class Bench Top N2 Desiccator Cabents cut nitrogen expenses. Automates clean & dry storage, eliminating moisture & oxygen related degradation and optimizes yield. Units can be used individually on table tops. Stands are also available so that 2 or 3 cabinets can be mounted together.

Fabrication Materials: 304 Stainless Steel with Electrpolished finish and static dissipative PVC window. 

N2 Purging Cabinet - FOUP Storage

The Ultraclean N2 purging cabinet (Dessicator) is fully automated allowing full control of N2 input according to requirements. THis unit is specially designed for the storage of four x 300mm FOUP pods in an inert environment. Semiconductor Fabs have found that this protects the sensitive wafers from moisture and oxygen related degredation and increases yields.

Fabrication Materials: 304L Stainless Steel eith Electropolished finish. Includes inline filter and ultraclean valves.

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FOUP-SMIF Pod Purging.jpg

FOUP & SMIF Purging

Palbam Class offers unique solutions to purge directly FOUP and SMIF pods containing sensitive wafers.