Cleanroom Gowning Room

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Gownracks - For Full Length Cleanroom Coveralls

The uniquely designed hanger holder perfectly aligns the hangers, keeping an orderly appearance and ensuring the hangers are equally spaced & do not touch each other. With leveler legs and foot covers. Stainless Steel hangers included with every gownrack.

Options: The gownracks are supplied with leveler legs or 2 inch cleanroom casters, whichever is preferred.

Fabrication Material: 304L Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish

There is an option for connection mirrors into the side panels

Swing Over Bench

This uniquely designed bench is ideal in all gowning areas. Specifically designed to assist in putting on shoe covers - by supporting the foot with a small raised platform. Two or more benches can be connected together (either seat to seat or foot support to foot support) to create the ideal step over bench.

Promotes correct gowning procedures.

Prevents unnecessary bending.

Available for immediate delivery.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Electropolished.

Benches can also be connected at angles - see swing over bench connectors.

Swing Over Bench.jpg
Basic Cleanroom Bench.jpg

Basic Cleanroom Bench

The Basic Bench is a simple yet high quality solution for the gowning area. Benches with lengths from 600mm (24 inch) up to 1400mm (55 inch) are in stock for quick delivery. Longer benches are also available according to customer requirements.

Design Benefits include:

round edges

snag free

easy wipedown

The bench can be bolted to the floor. The leg covers fit over the adjustable feet.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Electropolished

Bootie Bench

The Bootie Bench is designed as a swing over bench and a storage solution for booties / shoes. Three options are available according to the length required:

Option 1: 2 solid shelves underneath

Option 2: 2 solid shelves with dividers spaced 100mm / 4" apart (as shown in picture).

Option 3: 2 solid shelves with dividers and a screen on each shelf allowing access only from one side.

The bench is modular and can be configured to your preference. Send us the length of the bench you require to and we will quote you all the options 1-3.

Fabrication Material: 304L Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Bootie Bench.jpg
Dispensing - Disposal Unit.jpg

Dispensing - Disposal Unit

The complete Dispensing - Disposal Unit consists of:

Disposal Cabinet - GDC-8040

Connecting Frame - GDC-FRAME

Dispenser - GD8060

This unit can stand alone and does not require connecting to the wall.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish

Cleanroom Dispenser

Cleanroom Disposables Dispenser, available from 1-compartment to 4-compartments. This wall-mounted dispenser is designed to provide clean and efficient dispensing and storage capabilities. Suitable for dispensing and storing: Gloves / Hairnets / Facemasks / Booties

FIRST IN - FIRST OUT principle eliminates particle buildup.

Features built-in trap bins, see-through slots, top lid for easy refilling, and a smooth curved opening for easy "snag-free" pull out.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish

Cleanroom Dispenser.jpg
Disposal Cabinet.jpg Disposal Cabinet

The Disposal Cabinet complements the glove dispensers.

The unit can be used on its own as a disposal / recycle cabinet, or it can be combined with dispensers to create a free standing dispensing / disposal unit. Using the glove cabinet frame, Dispensers can be mounted above this unit, to provide a stand-alone dispensing and disposal unit.

Unit contains 2 removable waste bins.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Electropolished

Gownroom Feeder Cabinets

These quality stainless steel Feeder Cabinets support the gowning operation. Front access doors are used for reloading and for storage purposes. The bottom cabinet can be used for storage or disposal. Perspex dispenser slots ensure that garments / disposables can be extracted one at a time and do not spill out.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Gownroom Feeder Cabinets.jpg
Cleanroom Waste Receptacles.jpg Cleanroom Waste Receptacles

High quality together with excellent design - the Palbam Class Waste Receptacles are an ideal addition to your cleanroom. Choose from Free Stand on casters, Floor Mount on leg stand, or Bench Mount options. All the bins include an insert designed to hold your bin liner in place. These bins, by having large openings in the lid, are designed to ensure minimum contact with the user.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Folded Gown Dispenser

The Folded Gown Dispenser is wall mountable. Standard sizes are shown. We can customize to your requirements if necessary.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Folded Gown Dispenser.jpg
Bootie Cabinet.jpg Bottie Cabinet

The modular Bootie Cabinet comes in a variety of shelf lengths. The design conforms to the hanger rack design ensuring uniformity of appearance throughout the gownroom. Supplied with leveler legs and foot covers. This symmetric product can be used from either side. Adhesive labeling numbers supplied. Options available for 16 up to 56 compartments.

Fabrication Material: 304L Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish

Cleanroom Tray & Shelf Unit

This all purpose tray / shelf unit provides an excellent solution for storing small items such as pens, glasses, and paperwork/ files, etc.

Includes 4 removable trays & 3 shelves with removable dividers.

Ideal for use by visitors to the cleanroom to store miscellaneous items.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Electropolished

Cleanroom Tray - Shelf Unit.jpg
Full Length Mirror.jpg Full Length Mirror in Support Stand

The Cleanroom mirrors are safe with adhesive backing to prevent shattering and are mounted on a stainless steel plate. The mirror and plate are then mounted in a frame which is attached to the floor and the wall (see picture of MR-01). (If wall attachment is not permitted, two optional supports can be attached to the frame to enable a Free Standing Mirror).

Shipped in special protective shipping box.

In stock - delivered in 2 weeks - worldwide

Also available is a small wall mounted face mirror.

Fabrication Material of frame: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Dispensing Bins

Custom dispensing bins are ideal for hoods, shoe covers, gloves, cots, and other small apparel. Electropolished 304 stainless steel cabinets include lower storage compartments.

Raise unit 3". Hard rubber wheel. Set includes 4, 2 with locking wheels


Apparel Dispenser

(Swing-Down Door Dispensing)Multi-bin storage/dispenser organizes apparel sizes and styles. Features 304 stainless steel door frames and heavy-duty locking latches for durability. Select acrylic or dissipative PVC designs. Model shown: 4 bins (other sizes available).

*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Safety Glasses Holder

Custom configurations available for up to 98 glasses. Sloped compartments with open bottom position glasses securely while eliminating particle traps.

Eye Glass Dispenser.jpg

Eye Glass Dispenser

This small wall mounted Eye Glass Dispenser has an open top and acrylic front panel. It can also be used as a small general purpose dispenser.

Fabrication Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Electropolished finish.

Cleanroom Gament Hamper

A Cleanroom Garment Hamper allows clean, easy disposal of soiled cleanroom garments.

Its self-closing lid is easily raised with a press of the recessed stainless steel foot pedal, and polypropylene construction safely contains garments or protective garb splashed with acids or caustic chemicals. The standard hamper features over seven cubic feet of capacity; We will also custom fabricate storage hampers of other sizes and materials to suit your requirements.

Outside Dimensions: 30"W x 15.64"D x 42.85"H
Inside Dimensions: 29.5"W x

Custom sizes available—call Zinter Handling with your requirements


Cleanline Sticky Mats

These sticky mats have proven themselves effective in a wide variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Peel-Off Sheets Simplify Upkeep
Each sticky mat consists of a stack of tear-off polyethylene film sheets. Persons entering a cleanroom or clean zone walk (and vehicles roll) on the specially treated, pressure-sensitive adhesion on one side of the upper sheet, which removes the last trace of contamination on shoe heels and soles and on wheels. When a sheet becomes loaded with contamination, it is peeled off, exposing a new clean sheet for use. This peel-off design eliminates messy and time-consuming cleaning and washing and makes it easy to keep a clean sticky mat at all times.

Each sticky mat is adhered to the floor or to a frame with either 2-inch wide double-faced adhesive tape, or with a full-bottom sheet of double-faced adhesive film. A clear release sheet protects the top sheet of the sticky mat until it is ready to use. Two levels of tackiness are available for use with a variety of shoes and booties (see chart below). Individual sheets are removed by use of either an uncoated edge or a corner tab. The corner tabs are consecutively numbered to show the number of remaining sheets, thereby helping you to keep track of the number of sheets remaining and preventing multiple sheets being removed at once.

The sticky mat is not damaged by footwear or wheels, does not slip, is noncontaminating, and is available in both standard and custom sizes. Company logos can be provided. Standard packs include 120 sheets per package, made up of 4 mats of 30 sheets each. Select the size, color and floor adhesion type from the ordering tables.

Adhesion tests are conducted according to conditions specified by the Pressure-Sensitive Tape Council.

Protectamat is a loose-laid polyester mat, 4-feet wide, and available in lengths of 2', 3'3", 6'6", 10', and 13'. All of these mats are dark blue, and except for the smallest version, they feature attractive red leader strips at both ends. The 2' x 4' mat has a thickness of 5 mm, and the other four 7 mm. Weight: 1.52 lbs./Sq. ft.

Sole Cleaner™Automatic Contamination-Control Mat

Taking Contamination-Control One Step Further!

Conventional contamination-control mats serve an essential cleanroom function by limiting the number of particles tracked into a contamination-controlled area.

Unfortunately, their need for constant maintenance and replacement makes them costly welcome mats! More importantly, the need for continuous monitoring by a human operator places cleanroom conditions under subjective control. How can you be sure that mats are replaced when they need to be? Worse—what happens when no one is there to oversee their upkeep?

This new Sole Cleaner™ minimizes the hassle, expense and uncertainty of cleanroom contamination control.

Like other mats, it features an adhesive surface that seizes particles from the bottoms of shoes and carts as they pass into a changing room or cleanroom.

Unlike other mats, it incorporates a PLC-Controlled transport mechanism that automatically replaces the sticky film surface as it becomes soiled. Instead of individual mats, which must be cleaned or peeled off, the Sole Cleaner uses a continuous sheet of adhesive mat material mounted on a cartridge roll. An infrared beam monitors passing feet, and a counter displays total passes. When the total count exceeds the threshold you select, the transport system automatically unrolls a new sheet of sticky surface and resets the counter.

Lower Costs, Improved Performance
This automatic take-up system both reduces operating expenses and improves contamination control.

By automating mat replacement, it ensures that the mat surface remains as sticky as you need it. Rather than relying on subjective decisions about when a surface is too dirty, you can determine the number of passes acceptable for your application and leave the rest to the Sole Cleaner. In less critical environments (such as changing rooms), this threshold might run in the hundreds; for a Class 10 cleanroom it might be several dozen. In either case, the Sole Cleaner replaces the surface when (and only when!) it needs to.

During mat regeneration, a red warning light glows and audible alarm is activated. The mat will not move, however, as long as the sole cleaner is occupied.

As it replaces a length of soiled mat, the machine draws it onto a take-up roller, where embedded particles are trapped and contained in a closed housing. Rather than accumulating hundreds of crumpled sheets day by day in a cleanroom waste receptacle (which always needs to be emptied!), you replace a single cartridge that is easy to recycle.

Each 180-foot roll typically yields about 50 surface changes. Considering the related handling and maintenance costs associated with other contamination mats, these rolls offer convenience and value. Cartridge replacement is a 30-second operation that requires no tools.

Durable Design Ensures Reliable Operation Under Real-World Conditions
The Sole Cleaner is designed to stand up to high-volume foot traffic without compromising either safety or cleanliness.

Made of 304 stainless steel, it features safety handrails and a low, sloped profile that won't pose a tripping hazard. Its wide passageway allows 36" of side-to-side clearance for easy passage of carts and other large equipment. The sticky film rests on a vacuum pad that protects against rips, eliminates slippage, and enhances particle pickup.

The side housings swing up to permit access to the mat cartridges and the transport mechanism, which uses a minimal number of moving parts to enhance system reliability. The PLC Controls include an LCD readout of the number of passes, the selected count limit and the number of passes since the last roll change. Multiple preset limits can be stored to allow simple system updating if the Sole Cleaner is moved from one location to another. A touch panel allows easy programming. The UL-listed take-up motor includes a safety overload shutoff that halts mat replacement as long as an object (or person) is on the Sole Cleaner.

The Sole Cleaner requires no special installation—simply place it directly on the floor, plug it in, enter the desired number of passes, and it's ready for operation. It can be moved from one location to another, and requires no maintenance other than occasional cartridge replacement.


Motorized Shoe Cleaner

This rugged, easy-to-operate automated shoe cleaner employs a time-proven design that ensures fast, effective shoe cleaning in cleanrooms, changing rooms, and other environmentally controlled areas.

Internal Vacuum System, Multiple Brushes Ensure Fast, Effective Cleaning
It features a direct-drive motor that eliminates the need for belts or chains that require adjustment and replacement. It is available with its own internal vacuum system and disposable paper bags for collection and removal of contaminants; no cumbersome vacuum cleaner or other external accessories are required. Simply plug it into any standard 110V outlet and installation is complete. An internal control allows an industrial engineer or supervisor to easily adjust the rotational speed of the brushes to suit any type of footwear. Operation is controlled by a simple press of the handle.

The Motorized Shoe Cleaner has five internal brushes for thorough cleaning of all shoe surfaces. The flexible nylon upper brush and two pairs of tough fiber rotational side brushes are arranged to reach deep into the seams, welts, and cracks, and to clean every part of the shoe—the sole, upper, behind the heel, and the sole/heel junction.

Clean, Rugged Construction
The housing of the shoe cleaner is made of thermo-formed plastic that resists dents and will not shed particles. The on/off handle is chrome plated. The motor and other particle-generating components are sealed inside the unit to ensure optimal cleanliness. Optional HEPA filter available for ultra clean operation. Filter also muffles exhaust.

Motorized Shoe Cleaner*
(Comes with one dust bag installed and two spares: one-year warranty)